Monday, 4 August 2008

Love , Sex and Marriage

I must write on Love , Sex and Marriage. Young people want guidance about love, sex and marriage. In every century people want to know about Love, Sex and Marriage. Love and Sex are nature of human body or nature of all creations. Love of male is different. Female thinks about love differently. Male wants to create and female wants to bring child to the universe. In each creation or species it is same.
Marriage is created later on by human society to stop production of bastards. It is proved by sociologists that marriage is better method to maintain growth of society in better way. Society can progress better by marital life. Women or female alone can not protect children. So marriage or bond of male or female helped to create better society.
Sex and Stomach are two main causes of war. Sex or greed can never be satisfied. Sex is due to food . Food creates energy with the help of vitamins, minerals or amino acids. This energy can be better utilized to develop brain power or extra power like Hanuman. If you can not control on sex then you can create problems in society. Sex causes drainage of power created by food. Vegetarian Food is considered better then non vegetarian food as per Geeta. Sex worker helps the society to maintain peace. Due to Sex worker , humans are different then animals. I respect them. Sex is not love. Sex is like satisfaction of hunger with food. Love is different. Marriage or purpose of marriage is different. Read Srimad Bhagwat Geeta by Author

Love is different. I have written in one of my article why did I fail. Please read that for love. I like love of Savitri and Satyavan. Such type of love is very rare in this selfish world. I love some one ( Say X ). Some one ( Say Y ) loves me ( Say X ). I marry some one else ( Say Z ). I had sex with ( Say a, b and c ). I am giving these examples to make it easy to understand. I am not expert like Shoba De or Khushwant Singh. I am not a writer. I am only trying to tell next generation that Love , Sex and Marriage are different aspect of life. Do not get confused. Treat love as gift given by God. I have met only one or two people who could marry those whom they loved and died with them. Most of them forgot love within 3 months or 3 years of marriage. Later on marriage was only an act of compromise for the sake of children or for the sake of selfish compulsions. Sex is need of body for youth and say up to certain age. Contract Marriage is an example in many societies.Age for sex varies with the food habits and positions of planets. Effect of Mars and Venus on sexual life can be read in my Astrology With the good and rich food along with body exercises one can have better sex life. For longer life one should control sexual desires. Once youth asked me about premarital sex or about having sex before marriage or loosing virginity. I replied that nothing is good or bad. One should not exploit others sentiments. One should not deceive some one. One should be fare and one should be truthful. But I know many boys wants sex for the sake of fun. Sex is for them a game. No sincerity. It is nature. Female have to bear child. She has to create life. She has to give child milk. She has to teach new creation art of living. For female it is not fun. Now with new family planning methods sex has become more common. Sex is only a Saturday dream for working men or women.

So Sex , Love and Marriage are all different aspect of life. One should not mix it. One should not get confused with the other's sweet words. Once I met one married woman, who wanted to have sex always with new young boys. She thought that by this, she can maintain her young body. It is false. One can maintain her body by control on desire only. Desire can never be satisfied. So one should know how to control desire. Hunger for Sex or Wealth can never be satisfied.
Later on I realized that It is not in our hand. We are only puppets in the hand of destiny. Planets affect our life. So we must worship these planets. We are human beings. There are souls moving in this cosmic universe. These souls are more powerful. So we are their play things or toys.
So Sex is one part of life. Love is different part of human life. Marriage is totally for different purpose.

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eShan said...

Dutta JI,
I found this article very realistic and scientific. I too think that these 3 components love, sex and marriage are different. But almost all people mingle them up.
A boy loves or is infatuated towards a girl and together is attracted towards her sexually, and the society (Eastern)legalizes it through marriage. This package of processes is very afirm and i think it will take more 100's of years to change it.