Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Infatuation of young age

Be what you are , give what you can, rest of time remain busy in your self.
Poverty of a country is known by the prosperity of its advocates.
Keep smile world is like camera.
He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.
Men who make money rarely saunter; Men who save money rarely swagger.
A man of character will make himself worthy of any position he is given.
Humbleness with truth works as catalyst to win the heart of other people.
Love is the gift given by God to living beings.
Death is the real happiness of life. People are lucky who die soon and are unlucky who die later and suffer the miseries of life.
We all are children of same parents. Let us forget our differences and work to unite humanity.
Infatuation , Love , Sex and Marriage
It is very difficult to differentiate between infatuation, love and sex. Marriage may or may not be the result of all this. I am writing what I wrote when I entered in to teen years of my life. How much good you feel, when your heart beats and you just want to see your first mate. You just want to see her hair. You want to see her face. You want to see her hands , feet etc. You want to talk to her. You want to wait for her. You think always about her. You can not look at her eyes. Her eyes are very powerful. Once she looks at you and you look to her eyes you forget time. Time stops for you. You are her prisoner. She controls you and your brain. You are puppets in her hand. Her smile means life for you. Her company removes your tiredness. Her little touch creates feeling of luck. Even if she combs her hair, you just want to see her and her only and time can just pass away. You do not care for any thing and just wait to meet her. For you this is the only time and this time is only life for you.
Poets of all the languages have explained this infatuation in so many words. It can be Heer and Ranjha in Punjabi language or Shakuntala of Kaali Das . Writers have also written about it in many words. Some have become famous and some are not. Basic aspect of infatuation is that it starts in teen years and every one become slave of this. Some may learn it faster and move to the next category .Some remain in infatuation period and could not dare to talk to the opposite sex. You may loose or enjoy that time . But hard fact is that time does not wait for any one. It remains infatuation only and you never meet again with the person you wanted to talk and share thoughts. This is or was in India in 1968 . Time changes and so the culture of each country. Some people learn faster and they start loving opposite sex. That is known as Love.
I was young and studying in one of the finest college of engineering in chandigarh. University area was near by. Engineering college students were in demand. Our hostel was very near to Doctors hostel. I came from a village and I started learning life. We were in hostel. We were busy to study. We were all of same age. Some were lucky to have rich parents and some were lucky to have good friends, who were from rich families. Some were from village families.
I was coming from Delhi by Kalka Mail to Chandigarh. Train started around 10:00 PM. Some girls were also in that IInd class compartment. These girls were also studying in Punjab University. They also stayed in girls hostel. One girl started flirting with me. She wanted to talk or I do not know. Complete night they did not let me sleep. It was 16th August 0f 1966. I wanted to talk to her but I did not know how to break this type of Ice. They were four girls. I realized that I am trembling and I am not able to talk to them. I was attracted by these girls and I must have wasted time to see these girls in Punjab University market area. While I was wasting time to meet these girls but I never missed my main aim. My main aim was that I should serve humanity and work for unity of the world. I knew that I have to finish my studies as soon as possible so that I can work and earn my livelihood.
I wanted to work while I was studying. Once I was working as Riksha Puller. These girls met me. She wanted to go to picture or cinema house. I pulled Riksha and enjoyed such hard work. I got 50 NP and 75 NP for this hard work. They belong to Delhi and Ambala. I was not expert in Riksha Pulling. I also applied for a Job as Tutor. I came in contact with K.C. Jain. He wanted that I should teach his son. I did that Job but I had to leave after two months as I had to appear for my Exams. All this happened not because of money but because I was infatuated towards those girls who teased me during my Rail Journey.
If Infatuation is so powerful, then love is still very powerful. Once you control heart of other person then he becomes your slave. And that is the power of Love.

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