Sunday, 13 July 2008

My First Experience with Truth

It was 8th of January 1968. I was in third year of Mechanical Engineering in Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh, Punjab University. During that time India was producing more engineers. Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers were considered leaders of the society. These jobs were well paid.
Due to certain reasons there were more supply of engineering graduates then demand of engineering graduates. In Industry engineering jobs were occupied by diploma holders or some times even by good fitters who may be high school and are able to read some engineering books. Boilers were not produced in India. So there was unemployment amongst engineers.
Some leaders came from Punjab University and wanted to do strike and wanted to submit charter of demands to Commissioner of Chandigarh. one can call him administrative head of Government.
I took active part in this. I knew that I have connection with Mohan Meakin and I shall get job. So this matched with my aim to serve others. As this may not spoil my carrier. Normally taking part in the strike can jeopardize your carrier. Professor can write in character certificate. So one may not get job. But I was sure about my job. So I took active part and discussed with all the students to take part in demonstration and help each other. Working commeetee decided to do peaceful demonstration. I was active. We all went to D.C. office sector 17 , Chandigarh. Students were sitting peacefully. I was very near to D.C.
Before I realized , D.C. ordered for Lathi Charge ( Beating with sticks). I was standing with him. I argued. I told that all were peaceful. Why did you order for Lathi Charge? I was arguing with him , when some police person hit on my buttocks with stick. I was arrested by Police. Police took some boys who were standing near by me. We all were taken to Police Station.
As Police lathi charged, mob ran in all directions. Later on we came to know that mob burnt buses and I do not know what more. We were kept in Hawalat for 36 hours. We were produced in court and were taken to Ambala Jail. I was surprised , how all these charges were levied against me? I was peaceful and was standing with D.C. How can criminal cases be levied against me? But it was fact and I took time to understand that what one sees or reads in News paper may not be correct. People can write what suits to them. Truth is always a causality in public life.
There was still influence of leaders who fought for freedom. But as time passed I realized that ideals of service to humanity are only good on paper. Some selfish people are exploiting these emotions for their personal gains. I was no where near to these politicians. So I failed miserably. Leaders were talking some thing else and practicing some thing else. This was hard fact of life . I also understood later on that selfish people were more successful then saintly person. Truth is powerful. But Truth can never give you money. Without Power Politics one can not succeed. So I failed. I failed miserably. I concluded then nothing is in my hand. We are only puppets in the hand of destiny. Administration is different. Administrators are also servants to politicians. One can lead political party if one is selfish. Politics also needs money. So Theory is blind without practice. Practice is sterile without theory.
Any how later on all the cases were withdrawn by Administration on the request of principal of engineering college.

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