Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Memories till 1966.

Though Centuries may crumble in to dust,
And years may fly like shadows,
Thou memory will remain fresh,
Like morning dew in my mind.
Life is really a very very short to live.It is very short journey. Train journey is also very short. One has to live. There are no alternatives. One can cry or enjoy or take it as it comes. I am trying to achieve my aim , which is impossible. I get, which I never expect. Some unknown power is governing our lives. We are only medium or intermediation, by which unknown power complete it's wishes.
My mother was uneducated. She was truthful. She was always worried about me. Being only son , she did not want that I learn bad habits. My both sisters were elder than me. I learnt from my sister's mistakes. My father or mother never scolded me. I still remember that my mother used to wake us and she also used to sit near us. It does not mean that only my mother used to be awake , but my father also used to get up in morning hours , so that children can get up and study. My mother used to say " Get up from the bed, stand up and go to the corner of the room and take book in your hand and study" She used to warn me that do not misunderstand that you are the only son and you may get more love and affection" Earlier in India son used to get more additional food or better behavior from parents in comparison to girls. So I used to get more attention , so that I do not learn bad habits. My mother used to worship a lot. During worshiping her soul used to see other souls. I still remember that once I was playing near my home with one boy and two girls. My mother called me and scolded me. She did not allow me to play with girls. I may be around 8-9 years old. My mother has never shown love for me. She used to love me but did not want to show her love. She was afraid that I may not become bad man.
This all indicate that my mother was very careful to bring me up .I am grateful to her. I picked up more her habits.
I enjoyed the love of my sisters. Mine eldest sister's name is Kushal and elder sister name is Jugal. . Kushal married to V.N. Mohan and Jugal married to C.P. Bali.
I passed my high school in first division and got national merit scholarship and got first division in Intermediate. My teachers were Sita Ram Shashtri and Brij Bhushan from near by villages like Rohana and Beheri Village. I did my Bachelor of Science from D.A.V. College Muzaffar Nagar. My teachers were Prem Prakash Tayal, S.N.Gaur , Bhatnagar. I stayed with my uncle Shri Mohinder Sain. These two years were the first two years when I was away from my parents. During this period I learnt a lot. Ilearnt so many things from my Aunti. I learnt the nature of firm determination, frankness to say clearly your point of view. In Bsc Part (I) I worked hard but did not get good % in final examination. In Bsc Part ( II ) or final year I got good marks in exams and got admission in Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh.
In First year in PEC I got in contact with Sat Pal Choudhry and Naresh Chand Jain . We were room mates in the hostel of PEC. Ambrish and Raj Kumar were both good singers. In first year I tried to help every one. Due to my father and family I could develop good relationship with business magnets of chandigarh. Mr Amarnath Mohan and Mr Bagai helped me. I used to meet them very often as they had very good influence at that time in Chandigarh. I developed my relationship with Doctors studying in MD in Post Graduate Institute ( PGI ) . I developed contacts and helped others with these contacts. I spent money and time to develop my contacts and wanted to serve others in free time. Dr Vasudevan, Dr Vadhwa , Dr Kamal Nain, Dr Rikhi , Dr Kataria, and Dr Gupta. All loved and helped me like brothers. So I remained active in my first year of engineering and tried to help others with what ever money or time I had . Let me write that it does not mean that I did not study. These were my extra curricular activities. I never gossiped. So 1966 passed away.
Years passed by. I miss my friends . I wish them all the best.

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