Sunday, 6 July 2008

Preface of my book "Why did I fail?"

I was born in a village with a population of 300 families of workers, executives and managing agent of a Amritsar Sugar Factory Rohana Kalan, Muzaffar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India. I along with my family friend Jitendra Sen lived in this factory village. India got freedom in 1947 and I was born just after independence. Songs like " Sare Jahan Se Accha , Hindustan Hamara " or " Simple living and high thinking " were ideals at that time.
My purpose of writing book like this is very simple. I want to inform others how does brain develops? How is personality develops? How does brain develop of a child? How does society change?
I was writing my thoughts and happenings around me in a book. Now I want to inform others. Some may be shocking truth of many families . I shall like to mention names but it may be different. In case it resembles with some one I can say sorry.
I shall like my thoughts year wise and one can see how young person thinks and how it can take effect on his personality. I failed , as I compromised and I was never aggressive to achieve my aim
My grammar or spelling may be different as I learnt Hindi , English, Sanskrit, French and German languages. So it may be mixture of all languages. As I want to tear off these books , which I wrote, so I am writing on Internet free tool provided by Google. My thanks and good wishes to this team of Google. Google could not have achieved without Microsoft or Bill Gates. My gratitude to these scholars of society.

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