Sunday, 6 July 2008

Guru and Sexual abuse

I start with my Guru. I respect him. In Hindi language there is importance given to Guru. Guru is considered above God or supreme power of Nature or Planets. Without Guru / Teacher one can not learn or gain knowledge.
I love my Guru. I hate my Guru. I want to touch his feet. I want to slap on his face. I give respect on one side and want to kill him also. This is only due to his double character. He behaves that he is holy. He is liar. He used to exploit my innocence. He has taken disadvantage of ours specially mine gentleness. He has made my mentality so mean that it took time to recover. At that time I was in 8Th or 11th class . I may be around 10 to 12 years. He used to play with my body parts. One of my friend resisted and fought with him. Guru used to beat him. This is not expected from GURU.
Once we decided to tell him. We told him that this is wrong on your part. Guru realized his mistake. Old habits die hard. After some days he started repeating the same and I did not protest. My friend did protest. He used to get beating. Guru took more interest in me and I used to come first in the class. My name is still on board of Amrit Inter College Rohana Kalan. I was always first in my class. In High School or Intermediate I was first in my school and rank holder in my state Uttar Pradesh. I got national Scholarship from High School onwards.
He used to be us from morning 05:00 hrs till night 22:00 hrs. Only during school hours he was away or during food eating time.
So some people are good from outside but bad from inside. Be aware from these people. They may be Guru or Saint or Yogi or Criminal or Politician . History has many examples which can prove that one should not trust what one sees. Sex is very powerful and has always created dents on society. It is true today and It was true earlier. Due to publicity now we know more . Recently Jessica Murder Case or Arushi murder case or case of president of USA or minister in India are example of power of sex. Every human being can not control sex. So one should accept the Truth.

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