Sunday, 13 July 2008

My dream of Global World

Between humanity and fate,
None have on earth what they desire;
Death comes to all soon or late,
And peace is but a wandering fire.

Peace should be the aim of each and every life.

Death is real enjoyment of life.

Fighting for peace is just like fucking for virginity

Miracles some time occur , but one has to work terribly hard for them.

I shall give my blood to quench the thirst of people.

I wrote in 1967-68 . " India got freedom on 15th August 1947. We are going to celebrate it's 20th celebration. I came two months late in this World. Now after 20 years I feel that we are not behaving properly with the World. We are busy in our thoughts. We are not fulfilling our duties. We are corrupt.We are moving towards destruction. What are leaders doing? Are our leaders not taking money to amass wealth ? Actually this system of voting as a whole is bad. When I say bad , I mean it was bad and will remain bad for few years or more. When voting power is in the hands of uneducated people , how can they judge the candidate who is seeking vote. Should uneducated people be given right to cast votes? When a man is wasting lacs of Rupees on election , will he not like to earn money after elections? In case he wants to stand again for a job as minister , then he needs money for election and he has to earn lacs to spend lacs. From where will leaders take money? They may take money from Industrialists or take money from those contractors whom they have given money.
I shall like to appeal to the younger generations to work hard and try to unite the world. You must cross boundaries. It should be peaceful. Never take law in gto your hand. I do not want people should live separately. There should not be any boundaries. I want religion should be one. we should respect others religion also. There should not be any caste system . One should not differentiate on the basis of caste , color or National Boundaries. We should allow international marriages, interstate marriages. This shall produce children of new culture. This shall generate new feelings of love and love for humanity. This may be my New India or my new World.

We all are human beings. We are compelled by unknown forces to live in this world. To live we must eat food which gives energy. Due to different living conditions on this earth we need shelter and clothings. Human beings want to live together in a society. Charachteristics of human beings are ego, jealousy, pride, desire, flaunt and flout, selfishness, altruistic and sacrificing. In addition to this, sex and stomach are two main needs of living beings. To satisfy their instincts some exploit others and even use violent means. To live in peace and happiness intelligent unselfish created agoverning system, which is accepted by the society as per their culture and zeitgeist. I know my Ideas are very far away from normal human Intellects. But I shall like to argue for this. I shall give my life for this. I consider World without any boundaries. No Military to fight. Police to take care for normal human crimes. Are our grand grand fathers are not same? Are we not human beings? Are we not related by human bloods? Youths should come forward. Youth should develop new system and learn from history of civilization. Young people are good. We want food and love. We do not want war. Kindly help other countries . It is humanity which is more important then your country. Basic necessities are water, milk, food, cloth and sex . I am in favour of rights of freedom, right of speech, right of property, right of love, and right of duty.

Later on I realized that this is part of democracy. World was divided in to many countries by United Nations. Different political systems were tried by different nations. Democracy was tried in USA, India, United Kingdom, France, West Germany, etc. Socialistic administrative system was tried in U.S. S.R ( Russia ). Other Socialistic System was tried by China. Kingdom by Nepal, Bhutan etc. Each country was trying to feed their citizens and trying to develop and experience different political systems. So that capital can be accumulated and nation can progress. All nations tried to remove hunger. Some rulers ruled without selfish ends and some with selfish aim. As i have explained earlier that none can take wealth to next life, so wealth remained in this world.
Time has proved that democracy is the only best system to govern. Political corruption may be part of democracy. Democracy gives always change and accept the new methods for governess. In dictatorship it is not possible. Democracy is more stable political system then Socialistic or Communistic or rule by dictators of poor people. Democracy is vibrant. It adopts changes. It is flexible. It reasons. Reasons can be explained by Educated Politicians or Uneducated Politicians.
Youth always think about future. They dream. They dream for better future. They may be successful in achieving their dreams or they may fail like me. But today I know that we only think and act as per the wishes of planets. We are actors. We are robots with actual blood. Our brain or hard disc is controlled by people living in other planets. We have to act and die. I failed because I was not assigned this job. My Job was different. I wish all the best.

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